[Can a mother eat a lotus flower?]_ Postpartum_ Can I eat it?

[Can a mother eat a lotus flower?]_ Postpartum_ Can I eat it?

Pregnant women eat intelligently during pregnancy to see if it is good for the fetus, and pregnant women who are not good for the fetus are firmly unable to eat.

Some pregnant women think that they can eat whatever they want as soon as they are delivered, but this is not the case. In order to allow the baby to drink nutritious breast milk, the pregnant woman who has just given birth will still have selective requirements for eating.

Can pregnant women with symptoms of fire eat lotus?

First, can confinement eat a lotus flower?

The lotus flower has very high nutritional value, and has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, clearing the heart and soothe the nerves, stopping diarrhea and nourishing the stomach.

For confinement mothers, it is even more beneficial. It can be used to dry the lotus seeds taken out of the seeds, boiled with sugar and drink. It can cure postpartum placenta, stop bleeding, stasis, abdominal pain, excessive vaginal discharge and other symptoms.

And the lotus tea can prevent diabetes and avoid postpartum hyperglycemia.

However, the lotus flower is cold, and it is not suitable for pregnant women to eat more. It can be taken once a week, and some warm foods should be consumed after eating the lotus flower.

Second, how to eat conifers in confinement 1, rush bonsai pig fan bone material: pig fan bone, rush, lotus, lentils, red beans, candied dates, salt.

Method: (1) Wash the material.

(2) Add in water and boil with pork bones, simmer for two hours, season with salt.

2. Boiled water for lotus flower: five or six lotus flower, moderate amount of water, rock sugar (optional).

Practices: (1) Wash the shower.

(2) Add an appropriate amount of water, put the lotus root in a pot, and then turn to a low heat pot for 20 minutes.

Usage: Drink once a week or so.

Tips: General pharmacy stores sell lotus roots, preferably fresh ones.

Third, the efficacy and role of the shower 1, the treatment of insomnia The shower has a very good treatment of insomnia, this feature is very good for some elderly people who often suffer from insomnia.

The function of the lotus flower in treating insomnia is to remove the fresh lotus flower, clean it, grind it into a powder, dry the lotus flower powder, and make daily tea.

2. Prevention of Diabetes According to research, lotus root is a natural medicine for preventing diabetes. Regular consumption of lotus root can prevent the occurrence of diabetes.

The specific method is very simple, we just need to pick the fresh lotus root, clean it, and boil it into a soup.

3, antidiarrheal effect Many people do not know that lotus root also has antidiarrheal effect, its antidiarrheal effect can be said to be a natural antidiarrheal medicine.

As many as possible anti-diarrheal medicine ingredients, so long as you eat some lotus can be very effective in diarrhea.

Fourth, how to choose a shower bonnet 1. Look at a fresh bonnet, the color is generally bright green (tender green), the lotus seeds in such a bonnet are sweet; the long-stored or too old bonnet is generally yellow orBlack (moss-colored), its lotus seeds taste bitter.

2. Touch the fresh lotus flower with your hands. The lotus seeds are usually very hard. You can know the freshness of the lotus flower by pressing it with one touch.

3, looking at the large lotus tent is generally an older one, although the fruit is piled up, but the taste is not good; the small lotus tent is generally tender, and the fruit is sweet.

4. Look at the shape of the lotus heart, the fruit is generally sweet.

[Efficacy of Sanqi stewed black chicken]_Benefit_Premise

[Efficacy of Sanqi stewed black chicken]_Benefit_Premise

In order to bring out the most powerful effect of Wu chicken soup during the stew of black chicken soup, a large number of people will add some Chinese medicinal materials, because when using traditional Chinese medicine to stew black chicken soup, the stewed soup is more nourishing for the human body.

Panax notoginseng was hailed as a kind of medicinal material, which shattered the importance of the third period in people’s hearts.

So how effective is the use of Panax notoginseng stewed chicken on the human body?

There are two ways of panax notoginseng chicken: one is braised in stew.

First dry the roots two to three two, and soak them in water for half an hour (fresh thirty-seven roots will not be soaked), wash and set aside.

A black-bone chicken of about two pounds cannot be slaughtered, only a small mouth is opened at the anus of the chicken, and the internal organs are washed out for use.

Then fill the Sanqi root into the chicken’s empty stomach, add the chicken and ginger slices, pepper, chicken offal, salt into the casserole, cover with simmer and simmer until it smells fragrant, and it is ready to eat.

The second is steam stew.

Steam stew is a special steam boiler in Yunnan.

Cut and cut the silk-bone chickens that have been slaughtered and cut into pieces, and put the cleaned chicken offal into the steamer together.

Then add some red dates and the right amount of wolfberry, salt, and pepper.

Do not add water to the steam boiler. Prepare a caliber aluminum or earthenware pot that can be tightly connected to the bottom of the steam boiler. Add water to the bottom boiler, and then fasten the steam boiler and the bottom boiler to a fierce fire.The steam cooks the chicken in the steamer and produces soup.

This method is also called a separate pot stew.

Nutritional value Black bone chicken color is delicious and fresh, especially rich in nutrition.

Panax notoginseng chicken with wolfberry steam stew has excellent curative effect on kidney failure and other diseases.

The silk-bone chicken folk is called medicine chicken, Sanqi Root is nourishing blood and qi, among which the stew has unique flavor.

Sweet and gentle, bitter, cold and sweet, high protein, low fat content.

This supplement is for nourishing the blood and strengthening the body, nourishing the yin and aphrodisiac, and it is especially nourishing for the mothers, those who are weak and physically weak.

[What is good to eat low density cholesterol]_ high plasma _ how to eat _ how to eat

[What is good to eat low density cholesterol]_ high plasma _ how to eat _ how to eat

Many people have not heard of what is the case of high low-density diabetes. In fact, this is a type of high hypertension. Generally, patients usually need to pay attention not only to dietary control, but also to their nutritional mix.Eating some nuts properly can reduce one’s cholesterol-lowering effect, because although nuts are oil, they can lower cholesterol. Eat more of the foods mentioned above that have occasional and crude fiber, and fruits and vegetables are no exception.

● Eating the right amount of nuts: How many nuts a week is more effective than you think. Walnut alone can reduce total cholesterol by 8%?

● Eating fatty fish (salmon or sardines): Eat at least twice a week.

Fish oil can reduce triglycerides by 20% to 50% and is good for the heart.

● Eat more fiber-containing foods: Fiber can reduce total cholesterol by 5%?

Fiber is especially important for breakfast. Even whole grain cereals are good. Oats, muesli and whole wheat bread are also good sources of fiber. Fruits and vegetables are also good sources of fiber.

● Improve breakfast quality: Breakfast consisting of eggs and meat is the worst choice for patients with high blood lipids.

Eat healthier foods, some fiber foods, plus yogurt and fruit.

Want something sweet?

Add some honey to the sugar-free yogurt.

A cup of yogurt a day can help you control your weight.

● Colored and white: If you like pasta, rice and bread, at least you should try whole wheat food.

Whichever you choose, whole grain cereals contain more fiber and nutrients than refined white cereals.

Eating raw foods often reduces the risk of diabetes.

● Eating olive oil: Adults are also essential nutrients, but adults have good or bad, there is no healthier choice than olive oil.

[Intercostal neuralgia anti-inflammatory drugs]_How to use medicine_How to use medicine

[Intercostal neuralgia anti-inflammatory drugs]_How to use medicine_How to use medicine

There are many patients with intercostal nerves in their lives. When they are sick, they will feel the rib nerves are particularly painful. At this time, they will choose to take some anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain, because most of the time when the intercostal nerves are painful.If the intercostal nerve is damaged, it may also be caused by some other reasons. So what anti-inflammatory medicine is better for intercostal nerve pain?

Intercostal neuralgia, also known as intercostal neuritis, is a group of symptoms that refers to the damage of the thoracic nerve root (that is, the intercostal nerve) due to different reasons, such as: thoracic spine degeneration, thoracic spinal canal, thoracic spinal injury, thoracic spinal meningitis, Tumors, ankylosing spondylitis and other diseases or ribs, mediastinum, pleural lesions, intercostal nerves are oppressed and stimulated by the above diseases, inflammatory reactions occur, and there is a syndrome with band-like pain between the ribs or the abdomen.Neurology Intercostal neuralgia is very stubborn and non-infectious. You do not need to take anti-inflammatory drugs and injections. You should take some painkillers and vitamins for a long time. The effect of Chinese medicine is better. Find a Chinese medicine to see and eat blood.The medicine for qi is better than western medicine.

It is caused by intercostal neuralgia.

Can be taken orally with ibuprofen and VB1 for treatment costs.

Avoid spicy food, should eat a light diet, reasonable schedule for rest and exercise.

If it does not improve, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

It is a symptom of neuropathic pain. It is still necessary to pay attention to fatigue and fatigue. It is still recommended to take reasonable rest. It is necessary to avoid fatigue and fatigue. Generally, it is not a problem. You can try to use a little taurine capsules to disperseFilm, try it with medicine, maybe it will get better

[What are the re-feeding foods that a mother cannot eat?

】 _Back to milk_type

[What are the re-feeding foods that a mother cannot eat?

】 _Back to milk_type

The most important thing for a mother is to continue to produce milk for her baby. This is the food foundation on which the baby depends. If there is a problem in the mother’s body, it will easily lead to reduced milk secretion and even the phenomenon of returning milk.Diet brings difficulties in confrontation.

Therefore, the mothers must pay attention to the secretion and quality of the milk, and avoid eating some foods that cause milk back. Let’s take a look at the foods that the mother cannot eat.

Returning milk has a lot to do with diet. If you eat some returning food while returning milk, you can make returning milk with less effort.

Common back-to-milk foods include barley tea, hawthorn, leek, bitter gourd, etc., but the specific back-to-milk effect may vary from person to person, and some mothers may perform well, and some mothers may not have obvious effects after consumption.

First of all, leek, leek is a common food in our daily life. If it is during lactation, food containing leek must not be eaten.

Second, oatmeal and oatmeal products are now everywhere. Before Baoma eats nutritional products, she must read the instructions. There are no oatmeal ingredients in it.

Third, malted milk, malted milk is a beverage that appears relatively early. It tastes sweet and must not be eaten by breastfeeding mothers. The effect of returning milk is very good.

Fourth, malt, malt is now often used as a food supplement formula. Various snacks and drinks can be found to contain added ingredients such as malt. If you are going to wean your baby and eat it, this is a good tool for returning milk.
Fifth, sorghum. Sorghum is a coarse grain. In modern society, it is recommended to eat coarse grain products. Some biscuits and snacks are made of sorghum. Moms should be careful when breastfeeding.

There are also hawthorn, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, olive, plum, American ginseng, ginseng, dandelion, white radish, beans, malan, carrot; pumpkin, toon, winter mushroom, eggplant, coriander, bamboo shoot, daylily, Chinese cabbage, fennel, MSG, mint, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, too much ginger, tempeh, sweet potatoes, corn, glutinous rice, tea, pork liver, vinegar, sesame, pigeons, etc.

[How to make red bean dumplings]_Red bean dumplings_Making methods_How to make

[How to make red bean dumplings]_Red bean dumplings_Making methods_How to make

Red bean dumplings are a more common type of dumplings. This kind of dumplings are sweet dumplings. You will feel very sweet when you eat them. The main raw materials are glutinous rice and red beans. Some people will directly grind red beans into red bean paste.In this way, the taste will be more fit and the flavor will be more intense when wrapped in it. It is good to add some to people who are prone to insomnia and nervousness.

Raw and auxiliary materials: glutinous rice, red beans, coriander leaves.

Production steps 1, glutinous rice and red beans are soaked in cold water for 12 hours in advance and mixed together for later use; 2. Two loquat leaves overlap, rolled into a bucket shape, filled with glutinous rice and red beans, wrapped and tied with cotton thread;Put the wrapped dumplings in the future, soak the water in the noodles, and cook for about 3 hours after the water is rolled up again.

Glutinous rice nutrition glutinous rice is a traditional food for the occasion.

In addition to the meaning of “a year of good harvest” contained in the fresh glutinous rice apartment, the glutinous rice also has a gentle tonic effect such as qi and warming the stomach, which is suitable for spring consumption.

Glutinous rice contains protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B group and starch and other ingredients. It is a warm and strong food, which has the functions of nourishing qi and invigorating qi and warming the spleen and stomach.

Regular consumption can also improve the symptoms of nausea caused by stomach deficiency, decreased appetite, neurasthenia, muscle weakness, fatigue, and abdominal distension during pregnancy.

Adzuki bean nutrition Adzuki bean, also known as adzuki bean, adzuki bean, adzuki bean, adzuki bean, is a kind of high protein, low feces and high protein food. It can be cooked with rice and porridge, so it is also called “rice bean”.
Red beans, belonging to the family Leguminosae and Vigna spp., Are annual upright or twining herbaceous plants and are the mature seeds of the legume red bean.

Red beans are rich in nutrition and can be processed into many foods.

Red beans have a bright color and delicious taste, and are a kind of beans that are excellent in both medicine and food.

It is determined that red bean is very rich in nutrition, and contains 20 protein per 100 grams of red beans.

0g, aunt 0.

5 grams, sugar 58.

5 grams of crude fiber 4.

9g, 23 precipitated fibers.

5g, trace vitamin B1 0.

3 mg, B2 0.

11mg and so on.

Also contains calcium 67.

00mg, phosphorus 305.

00mg, iron 5.

20mg, thiamine 0.

31mg, riboflavin 0.

11 mg, Niacin 2.

70 mg.

[What dessert can jackfruit be?]_ How to use_What method

[What dessert can jackfruit be?]_ How to use_What method

Jackfruit is eaten in many ways. It can be eaten directly or put in desserts. There are more desserts in it. It can be said that it can be made into glutinous rice stuffed jackfruit or jackfruit shakes. They are very good to eat and have a sweetCrispy mouthfeel, jackfruit belongs to a tropical fruit. Usually, it is good for the body to eat some properly. It has high nutritional value and has a good effect of improving immunity.

Glutinous rice stuffed jackfruit material Jackfruit: half a glutinous rice: moderate amount of caster sugar: 2 teaspoons practice method: 1.

Stick the glutinous rice with water for 3 hours 2.

Dig jackfruit one by one and put it in the refrigerator for refrigerated use.


Put the glutinous rice in the steamer, steam over high heat, and turn off the low heat for about 20 minutes after the water is turned on.


Put white granulated sugar into steamed glutinous rice and stir while the sugar melts.

Keep refrigerated.

(If you make it next time, try to put some coconut milk in it. It is more delicious) 5.

After an hour, take out the jackfruit, dig out the inside scoop and brew the glutinous rice into jackfruit.

Tips: 1.

Jackfruit is best of Thai variety.


After being cooked, if you put it in the refrigerator for another half an hour, it will taste better.

Jackfruit shakes Jackfruit is also a good way to make a shake. Before making it, remove the flesh of jackfruit, four to five can be prepared. Then prepare 200 grams of thick yogurt, and put the flesh of jackfruit in the cooking machine.Pour the puree, mix it with yogurt after taking it out, and add some of your favorite nut crush. A delicious jackfruit shake is ready to be eaten. This kind of shake will be refrigerated for three to four hours before eating.it is good.

I believe that many people use the first method to eat jackfruit, which is sweet and fragrant. I still want to eat it, but after watching the other two ways of jackfruit, do you really want to try it?

Especially since the weather is getting hot, girls who like to have a cold drink should not miss this deliciousness.

[Is the beer still boiled and alcohol?

]_Beer_How to drink_How to drink

[Is the beer still boiled and alcohol?
]_Beer_How to drink_How to drink

Many people have the habit of drinking. Young people are more likely to drink beer. Everyone knows that the degree of beer is relatively low when it is separated from liquor, which does not mean that the representative can drink a lot of beer. It is easy to gain weight if you drink too much beer.It is particularly easy to cause beer belly problems. In addition, drinking too much beer will also be drunk, which will cause a lot of harm. Some people think of boiling the beer and drinking it. Is there any alcohol after the beer is boiled?

Is the beer boiled and alcohol?
The boiling temperature of alcohol is only 79 degrees, and it has boiled and evaporated before the water has been boiling. If you want to make a beer chicken leg pot, it will take more than half an hour when it is rarely used.

Moreover, the alcohol content in beer is only 4?
Between 5%, so the alcohol has already evaporated when the chicken leg is stewed.

It is estimated that the residual alcohol content in beer chicken legs is very small and can be ignored.

Alcoholic liver is caused by drinking alcohol.

Therefore, alcoholic liver is not allowed to drink. The general recommendation is to first perform liver function and color Doppler ultrasound examination. If the liver function is normal, it is generally recommended to develop good habits, do not stay up all night, ensure adequate sleep, do not eat some spicy and irritatingSexual food, do not drink alcohol, do not eat greasy food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise moderate amounts, and do regular inspections, but if there are abnormalities, anti-fibrosis and lipid reduction are recommended.Liver protection and so on.

After drinking a rash and itching, it is possible that alcohol is causing an allergic reaction.

Suggestions: It is best to not drink alcohol, and you can take cetirizine orally to relieve symptoms.

Beer and oranges are cooked together. Generally, coughing is not allowed after eating. Beer is an irritating drink and easily irritates the throat cough.

Suggestions: It is generally recommended to use pears and rock sugar or chuanbei to boil water to drink, you can press the cough and phlegm effect.

In the boiling liquid, add wine, then stop heating, 85% alcohol remains.

Spraying alcohol on food briefly burns with 75% alcohol residue.

Adding wine to food and boiling it is the most commonly used cooking method for “Wine”.

After boiling for 15 minutes, 40% alcohol will remain.

After boiling for 35 minutes, 35% alcohol will remain.

Continue to boil 1.

In 1 hour, 25% alcohol will remain.

Continue to boil 1.

At 6 hours, 20% alcohol will remain.

After boiling for 2 hours, 10% alcohol will remain.

Continue to boil 2.

6 hours, there will be 5% alcohol residue.

Alcohol is used for cooking, if the boiling time is less than 1 hour, about 25?
75% of alcohol will still remain in the food.

[What are the practices of loofah catfish soup?

]_ Recommended diet

[What are the practices of loofah catfish soup?
]_ Recommended diet

The method of loofah catfish soup is simple, and in addition to giving us delicious food, the nutritional value is also relatively high, so everyone can try to understand these production methods in life, so that you can enjoy these foods at any time, and helpVarious nutritional supplements.

The method of loofah catfish soup is simple. The raw materials required include lard, scallion, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, etc. After the catfish is cleaned, knives on the fish, marinate with cooking wine, onion and ginger, etc., marinate for use, then peel the loofah and cut into pieces.Boil the oil in the pan. When the oil heats up to the seventh maturity, the catfish is not put in, fry until golden on both sides. Add the cooking wine to cover the pan and cook. After boiling, pour the loofah in the pan and cook for 3 to 4Minutes, season with salt and MSG.

Carassius auratus has a high nutritional value and has a good tonic effect, especially for female friends who are breast-feeding during the postpartum period. It can play a good role in reducing the effect, and it results in a lighter fish soup of loofah., And low, so it is more suitable for postpartum women, as a health product for nourishing and conditioning the body.

If we often use it, it is more effective for the conditioning of the body, and it is better for patients with breast masses. The adjuvant treatment method can also strengthen the spleen, clear heat and detoxify, so common common foods can also make health value comparisons.High cuisine.

[How to make assorted pizzas]_Homemade assorted pizzas_How to make assorted pizzas_How to make assorted pizzas

[How to make assorted pizzas]_Homemade assorted pizzas_How to make assorted pizzas_How to make assorted pizzas

The old saying goes from misfortune to misfortune, because the latest medical research found that all diseases that occur on the body are “eaten.”

So for health, we must eat healthy.

And to eat healthy, we had better be able to cook by ourselves.

Now, please ask me to learn how to make assorted pizzas.


Mix all the main ingredients, knead it into a smooth and malleable dough, cover with cling film, and put it in the room to ferment to the second level.


Mozzarella cheese is cut into strips and set aside.


Remove the shell and shrimp line from the shrimp, cut it from the back, and chop a few times with the back of the knife.


Add cooking wine, salt and pepper to taste.


Cut small slices of sausage.


Pleurotus eryngii cut in semi-circular slices.


Roll the fermented dough into a thin round pancake and place it on a 9-inch pizza dish.


Fork some small holes with a fork.


Coat a layer of tomato or pizza sauce and sprinkle with a layer of mozzarella cheese10.

Spread small layers of sausage round and around.


Add a layer of Pleurotus eryngii.


Cover with delicious open-back shrimp.


Finally, cover with small crispy sausage and sweet corn kernels.


Place in a preheated 200 degree oven.

The temperature is adjusted according to your own oven.


Remove and bake for 12 minutes and place on remaining mozzarella cheese for 8 minutes.


Finished product Figure 17.

Finished product Figure 18.

Finished product Figure 19.
This concludes the introduction of the finished assorted pizza. Friends, do you know this dish and learn how to make it?

Then hurry home and try it yourself in the kitchen!