Then, I heard a warm nine, a deep voice sounded in the ear:

  ”who are you?”
  Although the man’s voice weak, but he is very clear articulation, he has not wanted to fall into a coma, but conscious.
  ”I was in the village below the village, you are seriously injured, I can help you heal, I understand medicine.”Wen nine people did not know what origin, she felt he was very strange, so it did not report their names.
  Wen nine men after listening to this, just let go of her wrist, he closed his eyes again.
  Wen nine two steps back quickly, the man from the far point.
  ”Who is it?Why do you lady wolf cave in?”Wen nine could not help but asked, curious.
  But that man did not say anything, and then opened his eyes and no, I do not know the temperature did not want to answer nine, then he fell into a coma.
  Wen nine asked again, the man did not answer, nor opened his eyes, She just slowly close to him, help him checked the wound.
  The wound should not be subject to just above the blood have a scab, and wounds not treated soon, now some inflammation.
  Wen nine gave this man to the clock, he found the pulse very unstable, the body is very weak.
  According to his physical condition now, just should not have so much effort to seize nine warm wrist.
  Obviously, this man is very strong alert mind, he worried temperature Nine is the enemy, why they were doing their last strength, you want to fall upon the temperature nine.
  Wen nine now hand tools, she is no way to deal with this man wound, so she had to go home.
  Thus, the temperature got up to nine hole went.
  See nine small gray warm to leave, I think warm no matter the nine men, and went immediately warm front nine, want to bite her skirt again.
  With this experience under nine temperature, flexible escape, then rushed the small gray said: “Little Gray, I’m not no matter, I have to go home to take a needle and thread, ah, put on his wound to sew, give get some medicine to him, do not worry, I’ll be back.”
  Regardless of the identity of this man is what he suffered such a heavy injury, Wen nine can not do nothing about them,广州桑拿网 moreover, he was lying lady wolf cave, small gray care so much, not too warm regardless of his nine.
  Small gray is also very clever, he also understood the temperature nine words, this release, so that left nine warm, warm nine also trot down the hill.
  The man apparently also injured some time, if we do not timely treatment, the wound thoroughly inflamed, probably have to kill him.
  Down the hill, walking home when the temperature nine in my heart meditation, wait a minute, what tools have to take her up the mountain –
  Sure to have scissors, needle and thread, spirits, as well as salt water, have a little exchange of antibiotics, antipyretics what.
  Wen nine down the mountain, go out into the backyard direction to run, but did not go to the door, she found out her backyard now seems very lively.
  Wen nine closer look, my苏州夜网 heart cried out: well, she was most worried about has happened!Read the latest chapter please pay attention to micro signal: rdww444

  469 with voice commands

  Because the temperature nine to see clearly now what is the back yard.
  Now, Mrs. Wolf appeared in nine backyard temperature.

  Under coach felt the body stopped traveling, Meng Tong can not help but sigh.She sat from Ling Yihuai in the body, and then turned around and looked at him, and said: “Let’s get off it, otherwise they would while Zhu Chan hired.”

  Acquainted with undesirable result is that they will make fun of you for the music, but never bored.
  When Ling do not want to own a small intimate wife, being onlookers.
  Although Meng Tong coach and general coach different, special car door has replaced the curtain, let the coach have a good airtight effect, you do not have to worry about someone suddenly opened the curtain, to see some not supposed to see.
  But Zhu Chan et al Ren Laifeng character, thin two carriage door is unstoppable brazen of these people.
  So, although very depressed, Ling Tong Meng is still a car pulled dismounted, at the greeting to spring Erniang go.
  In order to take care of the soldiers set off next to those feelings, let Meng Tong Qing Wei told go, they come here eight hundred, noon meal when the cook noodles.
  But even just noodles, when that code bowls full of南宁夜网 ingredients fried pig intestines, stewed pig ears and other end noodles out, let those sitting across the dinner and other soldiers looking straight eye.
  For when fear of travel inconvenience missed the first places to eat and drink, but spring Erniang out in front of the palace with Mother, who fired a lot of meat dishes packed in a jar, it is ready to cook in the wild this time, out to eat with the.
  So here’s a wait for them all the guards who, holding a yard full of noodle dishes, squatting on the roadside “suck suck chatter chatter” eating, sitting opposite the place of soldiers on helplessly watching them here, beginning “suck suck chatter chatter” swallowing.
  Thousands of people were staring think so, in fact, is kind of embarrassing scenes, it’s your life and see could not eat rice.
  Guards who were seen at each othe杭州夜网论坛r, then do not know who fired the head, holding a bowl in the past, his own side dishes bowl head, are distributed to those soldiers.
  Finally, the news reached the ears of spring Erniang, her eyes Mama, let Shi Mei bring people down, with their three vehicles meat gave those soldiers take the points.
  Two hundred thousand troops, three cars of meat per person does not know enough to clip a small chopsticks, but even if not enough points, spring Erniang move also won the hearts of each of the soldiers.
  When that Meng Tong Ling a say goodbye, turned around and walked back behind the army in unison shouted “Thank you, lady and princess grace gift of food”.
  Two hundred thousand people shouted in unison voice is very amazing, just that noise like thunder, but may spring Erniang first time did not reveal frightened expression, though she still hands over his ears, but it is a look of laugh.
  Meng Tong looked at this spring Erniang, I could not help laughing.”Mother, you hear me?Those soldiers are in it Thank you.”
  By leaving the village four years, spring Erniang really changed a lot.Although perhaps still timid, but no longer timid as a mouse, I do not meet with her as a frightened rat, like, everybody is trying to hide themselves, will have a word with people unconsciously shaking.
  Pampered life in recent years, coupled with the Tong Meng carefully nursed back to health, frowning spring Erniang face is gone, the skin is good, red is also the color.
  Now she stood with a Meng Tong, they looked just like sisters, is out and told others, they are mothers and no one will believe the.
  ”I did not do anything, but that some worthless lo and pork bellies, but let’s not many things, many people did not listen to say Qinghai assigned to it, those soldiers were too kind.”Spring Erniang feel good meaning, ineffectively laugh very shy.

  Zhou Xiuying decisive, “Since rain is about our family’s reputation, but also to that in front of everybody’s face opened to say, so this rumor back pass unclear!”

  Lin Kuang-hua Zhou Xiuying have guessed what it should, but also a mind of their own granddaughter understand.
  Its not conceal it, let the rumors fly back, not as things are now put on the table for the future of their own reputation granddaughter will be better.
  Lin Kuang-hua see old Ruan so Bushihaodai, he speaker, “Today I’m not seven Pass village captain, but an ordinary father, and everybody knows, we Letter to Young and then Ruan little girl set the marriage, but one thing without telling us, then our family and old Ruan is a fake engagement, and now the little girl since the old Ruan well, that this marriage will naturally be drained away!”
  He made these remarks a fall, the presence of folks may have shocked, get a long time, this engagement can have a fake??
  Liu aunt eyeball a turn, quickly said, “the captain may conceal the true tight ah!”
  Lin Kuang-hua Oh smiled, “It does not matter are priorities!We also had a small girl for old Ruan’s sake, this is not published!”
  Zhou Xiuying really want to give Lin Kuang-hua two big bang on the ear.
  Things that year, although the situation is Cheng Lin family, but only if they are really old Ruan Lin to three hundred dollars, otherwise how forests would be willing to house their baby grandson engagement with a fool.
  To put it plainly, this is nothing but a transaction, money, goods finished two transactions, Lin Kuang-hua now say such a morally, it is really very shameless.
  Zhou Xiuying heart simmering breath, but although they spend money on the one hand, their home is really relying on rain forest home kid was getting better, no doubt.
  Although she has gas, but will not senile, “Since this forested home hopes of finding another job, we like to give up two of marriage!”Who is this means that another job?Nature is self-evident.
  Fang Guyu face flashed ecstasy, this marriage was finally back, she looked up at his face Yang Lin complex book, and my heart thumped, does the book Young regret??
  Lin Yang down her book’s eyes looked in the past, standing across from him is Nguyen rain, even if the party Guyu from the city to the girl, has to admit, her little cousin is an excellent student, in vain the net net little face, pear vortex smile, she stood a girl’s point of view but also boast good looks picturesque tender and a little girl.
  Not work!Absolutely not!
  Fang Guyu immediately said, “Young book, you are so good, rain.But the rain and others have had intimate relations, she.She do not deserve you!”
  ”Guyu’re right, we can do this at home forests skittish woman, and not that silly three years, please come home who is a living ancestor, we can not afford to happen in this forested home wife!”
  Said this is the message at home has not wait until Granny Lin.
  Hearing this, Zhou Xiuying had a gas down Yang Mu, greeted with sickle hands of the old woman who go out into the forest to beat, “Lin Yuzhen, you son of a bitch, then Lin and Ruan engagement of our time, but received three one hundred dollars, and now we’re old Ruan also agreed to break off an engagement, you have rain上海夜网 ruin our family’s reputation, his aging mother to tear your mouth!”
  Sickle to be strong, and greeting in the human body, burning pain, Granny Lin hide side edge sneer, “how, I am wrong, you old Ruan girl called yesterday did not go was touched??I did not tell people kiss children??This disloyal woman, white to us we do not!”Paused, facing Yang Lin book, snapped,” Young book, you go, girl said to go and Ruan break off an engagement, we despise this forested home disloyal woman!”
  Own son is so graciously look, she really despise this old woman.
  Treat women exercise disloyal, what good polite!

  Pei early Qing trance: “Fine, this is fine.”

  ”Dad will continue to strive in the future to let people know you have to spend my supplementary.”Pei said with expectations Naochun.
  In fact, this goal now, and some far.He just entered into this body, began to work, specially sent a paper to the famous education articles to magazines, but also to find some contact details, and several industry figures marked the dealings, they get a recommendation, written after the order, published It will be a matter of course.
  This is simply this series Master, “Pei Naochun teaching manual” series, he may have to pay the full manuscript discipline throughout high school, junior high, some time ago the school has made contact and publishing houses, the first set shipment, after the margin will be listed in the province 杭州桑拿of Xinhua bookstore, in his plan, as long as it can score a few years the county high school band together, and soon the reputation of this book will be able to play out gradually.
  ”.it is good.”Pei Ching was beginning to live terrier, she began to imagine all the students in the class, everyone on the table are arrayed so a supplementary pink and tender girl’s mind, he wrote on top of her father’s name.
  Pei Naochun some hesitation, vaccination and daughter: “I applied for in advance and publishers, supplementary books sold each one, publishers will donate interests in my name ten percent of the school children in poor areas.”He was a bit hesitant for fear of touching her daughter’s knot, ‘but do not worry, dad has received royalties.’
  ”Dad, this pink is because I choose it?”Pei early Qing suddenly interjected, in turn, hold 杭州桑拿网the book in front of their own, pointing asked my father.
  Pei Naochun was asked a surprised a moment, of course, place his head: “Of course, the first book has a special meaning, I chose our favorite color Frances.”
  Pei early Qing laughed dimples, it looks sweet: “Thank you, Dad, I’m happy.”Just a moment, she had to admit that the subconscious mind is some fear, may soon, this fear vanished.
  Dad can not the same as now, the first priority is her mother, and only then to help others.
  ”Daddy selling books to refuel Oh good, so we can help more people.”Her father fist to hit strong, although she up to now, to donate money for this, she and some physiological fear, but this is my father’s wish, she did not want to see that she does not support the father uncomfortable.
  ”Will, Dad, and you guarantee.”Pei Naochun watching her daughter, heart relieved, exposing a silly smile on dad.
  Daughter has grown up a bit.
  Until back to the house, early Qing Pei still hold tight to that book.
  - This is her father out of the book!Her father the best!
  The next day.
  Pei first clear night last night did not stop smiling, slept a long and comfortable lie-in, even if it is experienced daily breakfast devil, it did not affect her good mood, but the mood in the classroom after the abrupt end.

  Jin Yu dined ready to go back, they also do not want to Cuihua Aunt Chun Tao to pick up something, and I asked to know Chun Tao is bent back.

  This to a return, if more than a few days in the town, home to the time when people have to shout to lift, and go back and forth, too much trouble.
  Jin Yu tried to persuade a few words, how can Cuihua Aunt they do not care about appearance, saying it was good to go back to confinement, she was silent.
  Behind the era of medicine, the production is a woman to life for life, Jin Yu is looking frightened, but rather experienced people feeling better.
  And other time back, has GENOTYPES, but luckily the family’s two dogs tertiary and stone home of two talented aunt, the family helpers of those arrangements properly the completed.
  Jin Yu plans to write at night in case, Jin Changming by firelight do live bamboo.
  ”Dad, I could go two days a trip to Tainan, where the restaurant opened Ling Gongzi.”
  ”This is a good thing ah!go with!Home with me.”Jin Changming said with a smile, not at all follow that outsider daughter out what is wrong.
  Jin Yu was secretly sighed, glad that they are from the modern, but also glad that this m南宁夜生活网arriage is fake, so eager to see the family out to send their little feelings.
  If the original owner for doing so, being so tight with married, do not know s mind.
  ”This marriage settle down, do not know the child has not selected words married the day it?While Jin was still small, but now the family has been pretty good that you use the service, you also can not miss the marriage.”
  What Jin Yu think, what my father said, this hate married look, really makes a kind of sense of suffocation.
  ”Dad do not ask them, he and I talked, and so can the principal Jin day, and say marriage.”

  ☆, seven hundred and fortieth chapters gossip

  ”Having said that, but you age is not small, then delay it, which disturbed my heart!”
  Jin Changming, but the old lady that sentence in mind, the marriage dragged for a long time is not good, 都市夜网just look at engagement and Liujie Chang six years, came to the wedding also go wrong, just think about the lingering fear.
  This time, the sub-Ling Yan, though not as robust Muzi, but your son raised squeamish Sven normal, except Jin Changming With gratitude mind let Jin Yu Ling son to marry implication, is also optimistic about the words of the sub-Ling.
  Ling sub-word elegant extravagance, but without the slightest arrogance, approachable, a good temper, it is a rare good husband candidates, Jin Changming dragged for a long time and are afraid of an accident.
  ”Dad, you do not have to worry about this anymore.Ling Gongzi this is exile, this time hurried engagement, but also to write back with their families informed about.
  As for marriage, we say OK, now in no hurry to get married, so he can return to Kyoto again, so settle down.”
  Jin Ling Yu put out word for child, still do not know Jin Changming Yan Ling son of the family, just know that he came from Kyoto.
  Kyoto aristocratic son traveled around a lot, the accumulation of experience and then go back office, children of the nobility is also a long way to seniority, Jin Changming not been to Kyoto, past work in the elegant home have heard this argument.
  Jin Yu moment to listen to say, though his heart a little worried, but not good then forced, can not make people think that her daughter married off to catch on!
  Jin Yu to recent accounts have read, and considerable profit, the cold Lucai not easily broken, people who buy Lucai a lot more.
  Now do for some time, fame opened, there are wealthy Western family smells and to buy Lucai, some even wedding feast of meat dishes also come to be, these days not only Luzhu and barbecue component increases.
  In the treasurer suggested that people Jin Yu Lu Cai has added some cheap, Peas children where given from the original five pounds of dried bean curd, added ten pounds, vegetarian chicken who also added that some vegetables are also creative manager We do sell out, but business is still popular enough to sell as always, every day.

  The two men did not do something, just want to hold gentle tenderness in bed, a few mouthfuls of the pro, so it was interrupted.

  Pull pull burst into laughter, pushing Marshal chest.
  Marshal’s face was not so good.
  ”We sleep, what do you say tomorrow.”
  Xi wronged source for small eunuch said, “You look at this Howard imitation, so do not take me as emperor.”
  Eunuch: “I heard the emperor will be wearing shoes, barefoot no style ah Majesty.”
  The eunuch still do not give up cajole source Xi.
  Source Xi continue to shoot the door, “Come open the door, Zhen Yao angry!”
  Door finally opened.
  Marshal put on his clothes, a look of frustration, “Your Majesty.”
  Most of the night, what kind of people can have a th都市夜网ick skin to disturb people affectionate couple.
  Source Xi carrying a small basket rushed directly.
  ”Pull pull, my brother see you.”
  Pull pull in the yard shaking.
  Marshal’s expression was so funny.
  I want to kill the source Xi can not kill the way.
  ”That pull pull, I returned to the room, you go to bed early.”
  Marshal go, but also considerate to shut the door, that fresh-baked brother and sister to leave space.
  Pull pull valiant kick the quilt, “You are what unitary moths?”
  ”Her 广州桑拿网Royal Highness, you have helped persuade slaves Majesty, His Majesty He was barefoot, refused to wear shoes.

  Chen and Wu Kezhang stopped going to jump up, “Do not worry, you listen to me..I do, half past one would certainly not on classes.You give me a name only, that is, keep my job, let me come back after work, but I did not go to work can not give my salary during the.Accordingly, you give me a job, salaried, that we commune.The man certainly come to work, or replace my share of quota.In other parts of the county with the formal work on the commune of regular workers, 深圳桑拿网do not suffer.”

  ”Do not keep your job, I’ll do to you.”
  ”No!Otherwise, I flew back on a good foot work?”
  Wu Kezhang out mercilessly pumping a few mouthfuls of smoke, and said: “You wait will.”Then people go out.
  About ten minutes, the way Wuke Zhang took two sheets of paper back, one in front of Chen Second, the “signature, promise you do not come back to work within three years.”
  ”to make!”Chen and readily agreed.He will prepare at home when lord, let Ya big supply and marketing cooperatives to work to earn money to go to the commune, after three years, two Ah also sixteen, and that time let her come to work in town.
  For him, it is home to recover, just a few □□□□ girl, and then the four townships of Bali inquire what good people.That old Army really close to his mind, but unfortunately big Ah Wu Ma black paint, Nabuchushou.When he went back to make big Yang Yang Ah well, I hope that when the old army still supply and marketing cooperatives.
  He thought of this mind a move, with Wu Kezhang asking, “What the ancient army backing?It looked like a work of man?”
  ”Do not Mind your own business.”Chen and Wu Kezhang see the sign, took out another sheet of paper handed to him,” Take to the commune supply and marketing cooperatives formalities.”
  ”Wu Kezhang, will not you do not know it?”Chen and deliberately stimulated sentence.
  ”I do not have to know a thing?People are above come, not our small roles can Rede Qi.”Chen and Wu Kezhang know him i苏州夜网n shock, but he might as well tell him that one of us represents the pulse accessible, well-informed.
  ”Do not worry, Wu Kezhang, I know what words to say, what not to say words.”
  Wu Kezhang ramp at him, from his pocket ten ten dollars down on a table, “get back, I do not owe you cousin.”
  Chen and smiling took the money in your pocket, drop his pocket, it is his.

  The way these people, obviously the identity of high and low, but very calm look on their faces, is not the kind of chaos turmoil, calm smoke infection.

  ”so good.”Xiao Yu Heng Sheng suddenly turned to see,” Lin Xiong, this trip abroad really come to the right.Originally I wanted to go to Japan, Japan’s tickets and expenses to be much cheaper, but my teacher had been there before the United States, has also suggested that I come to America, I now know his intentions.”
  While the United States than the United Kingdom in these countries is also a rising star, but its forward speed is undoubtedly much faster than Japan.
  Heng-yu hear these words could not help but smile, revealing a smile the first to disembark.
  This time the two have become separated from JAC and others, Xiao Sheng had wanted to find out how some of the missing person to find a place to stay, but the goal is clear Heng-yu look, Xiao Sheng then walked behind him.
  They walke北京风月会所d out of the mouth of the shore, to the street.
  Compared to shore port bustling street to more spacious.Pedestrians walking on flat streets, there are automobiles and carriages, the tracks from their eyes spread all the way to the end no longer see line of sight.
  Xiao Sheng after impact before the face of such a scenario has been able to calm down.He has not looked more than glances, to see Heng Yu walked toward the parked carriage, in fluent English conversation with the driver, the two quickly got on the wagon.
  Carriages rolling on the pavement, in some shaking carriage, Xiao Sheng sat for a moment, or himself, asked aloud Heng-yu, “Lin Xiong, Where are we going?”
  ”Actively look for a friend of my father, I had before coming to the United States wrote a letter to him, please him to find a settled place for me near his home杭州桑拿洗浴.”Heng Yu replied.
  Lin Fu as the first batch of Chinese people go abroad to study, do not say anything else, there must be contacts.A group of people to go abroad to study and Lin Fu with the years, some scholars have politicians generals, although few, but covering almost all aspects of talent.
  Swinging carriage for nearly an hour, and finally reach the destination.
  Xiao Sheng and Heng-yu of the carriage.They came to this place looked not very busy, but the environment is very quiet, away from the noisy streets and factories.
  After Heng Yu dismounted vehicle, carrying luggage box to see road signs.He did not talk much, but work steadily, Xiao Sheng did not ask directly behind him.
  Judgment clear position, scale quickly and Xiao Sheng Yu into the street, the two of them asked again the way down to nearly half of the quarter of an hour, and finally reach the destination.
  They are to place a single-family villa floor, the villa building from the outside and looked for some years.

  This sub-two people working on the evening meals, thinking about whether or not to add a dish.

  This child is talking, then suddenly saw Benji came in with a smile: “do not say, if not actually smell the fragrance did not think of it, is now a smell this scent really is a bit hungry.”
  Sumi and Zhang looked at each other, we have some strange.
  How is this going?
  While much of the rest of the stuff, but also how busy they are two busy little moment to finish it, how quickly the finished thing?
  ”Ok?”Sumi looked back, did not see Zhang Yuyu followed him to come along, and my heart even more surprising.
  Hands, carrying a tray of potatoes call, very casual glance at Benji: “how to come in on your own?I do Yu Yu Jie?This is how the two of you hands and feet so fast?”
  Zhang and Sumi like to see Benji himself a man came to see Zhang Yuyu did not know this thing a little bit wrong.
  This child is afraid to say what harm Benji own daughter, then let his daughter can not accept, although they are still in the pot candy dish but support was shocked with ears to hear what you want to say Benji.
  ”A total of how much did the rest, and my hands in addition to doing carpentry outside, fine manual labor really can not do, which is to sub out there jade jade chaos, simply hide the house will be lazy.”Benji laughed very magnanimous, and there is no cramped and uncomfortable, plus he just really is not wrapped around the cord lock, which would sub Zhang also believed.
  But Sumi heart but still saved a doubt shadow.
  Really just so?
  Even if it is not, then do not start a fight next to it?Benji is not so inconsiderate people ah!
  Sumi turned around and put chili sauce eggs are also on the table, thinking for a finished clearing the table to go out and look at Zhang Yuyu, ask how in the end.
  ”Sumi, you call a egg drop soup, let’s eat it.”Zhang carrying a pot of pot ribs placed on the table, loudly greeted the sentence Sumi.
  Sumi this time just want to pick up the dishes, after hearing Zhang then it paused in her tracks.
  ”It is to bring you dishes?I come I come, you get busy now.”This time of Benji extra wink saw Sumi seems to be t南宁桑拿论坛he direction of the cabinet to go quickly stood up and said.
  Sumi some frustration, looked at the door, called out while playing is first out of two children accompanied Zhang Yuyu, the way to see what can do for himself is thinking about just the thing for a meal alone again I asked Zhang Yuyu.
  ”I’ve been thinking about this a few days to eat a little dipping sauce dish, let me do so today, Zhang Yi, I still have delicious food, the sauce, the smell of incense on!Be sure to eat taste better!”Benji the dishes on the table in the future, bowed his head and sniffed the dish of eggs, chili sauce, looked up and smiled and said Chang.
  ”If you later want to eat anything and Zhang Yi said directly, Zhang Yi to do to you, you ah, put as their home here, what do not polite.”Zhang Lei is happy to coax these two words, once said.
  ”Zhang Yi very kind of you to me.”Shi Lei surprised a moment, mouth has been shaking smile a little more sincere.
  ”You and Jade Jade same age, in my opinion and my children are the same, Zhang Yi is really like you, and you do not really think we have any barriers, complete us as a people are.”Zhang Lei do greeted down, laugh really love, just say the words suggestive full, there are some powerless between Benji avoid.
  ”Jade Yujie?You get that done?”It is very strange atmosphere stiff came when Zhang Yuyu.Her two children.
  ”Ah, get that done, two children helped me a lot, but for maybe a child, it is estimated that the child will not finish it also busy.”

  ”To be honest you may not believe, but it really is true,” Yan Yan smiled, “Miss Tang Tang, in fact, not your niece, you and Miss Tang, in fact, not related by blood.”

  To this day, Yan Yan ready 20 days!
  Ming Yan less tell the truth, than to know for so long Tang Tang, in their own words with no credibility.
  So she must find the whereabouts of Bu Gu Ning, she remembered, she said that Bu Gu Yan Ning looked like a bright little brother.
  She let the assistant to find out the whereabouts of Bu Gu Ning, then pour Bu Gu received their own place to live, to build a relationship with these twenty days and Bu Gu Ning.
  Let Ming Yan less abandoned Tang Tang is her main purpose, however, and Bu Gu Ning to build a relationship, maybe later I can still accounted for some benefits.
  After all, this is less Yan Ming, Tang Tang Yan less clear because, even now climbed to her head.
  Speaking of this, Yan Yan will Biequ.
  Because before things greatly affected her image, but the good news is that in the domestic and foreign did not know, so Yan Yan received a light foreign luxury brand endorsement.
  The results have not Tan Long, person in charge over there and suddenly the talk.
  Behind know, the Holy entertainment in Dana actually discuss this endorsement for Tang Tang.
  Tang Siu-tong just a rookie debut less than a year, what did not work, what qualifications can pick her up this highly brand?
  Yan Yan even find it funny.
  But the fact is that behind because I only know about the brand heads and small Yan Ming relationship is very good, and in the next few meet Yan Ming Yan less casually say, is really less Yan Ming to hijacked.
  After all, in fact, it is to see in the next few Yan’s face.
  Yan Yan had wanted a few days, I’ve met Bu Gu Ning twenty days, the li佛山桑拿ttle girl is not very smart, but maybe the problem grew environment, in fact, very eye.
  Bu Gu Yan Yan Ning Yang afraid unfamiliar, but seeing this endorsement will be given shot, can only advance to see Yan Yan Ming Yan less.
  No less Yan Ming, Tang Tang also gone and her qualifications and ability to compete.
  She was ready a lot of rhetoric, especially if less Yan Ming asked her why she did not know Don Tang and his blood, Yan Yan want a good how to reply, the results did not expect that, less Yan Ming did not ask.
  Yan Yan somewhat surprised, but the thought of Ming Yan few people set, Ming Yan is less as long as the results do not look at the process does not look for the reasons of people, so they feel makes sense.
  She also worried about exactly explain it.